Simichur Village screening camp

Dear All respected Donors, Namaste!

In Simichur Village our Hope Centre team carried out a screening camp today from 10 am to 4 pm today. There were  many severe patients and also some who need  support with medical treatment and rehabilitation. There will be some good surgery cases there of kids with club feet to be corrected. If babies can be identified at birth or less than 6 months old.. all over Gulmi…it would be best? Then simple correction?

I have been in coordination with Village Development Committee Secretary and we had selected  two self-help groups  for loan scheme income generation . Then we discussed with those with mobility  and disability problems what would be the best businesses for income generation. So, six person want to start chicken farming and seven person want to start goat farming .    

At last they were  very happy and they gave  us and our all donors thanks a lots. It was a  very narrow and dangerous road and in some places our ambulance driver asked us to walk..  I found it quite hard to walk with both of my prosthetic  limbs but in some places I took a  rest under the tree . At one  time one woman saw me from her house and she called me to her home and all my staff  went  and she gave us drink of curd.. After drinking  curd we had new energy we came back to Tamghas. It was nice having poor  people and even disable help us too..  It was so much thoughtful … any way I am so happy because all donors help many people’s have a new life.  

Please see the attachment photos.

Once again thank you so much for your efforts because of your efforts Hope Centre has become more successful.

Namaste from Nepal!
Ganga Rayamajhi

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