What we do

Objectives of Hope Disability Centre Nepal (Asha Apanga Kendra)

  • To improve capacity and living standard of the disabled.
  • To check the health of the disabled, provide counseling and physiotherapy to improve quality of life.
  • Rehabilitation of disabled through education, medication, and livelihood programmers.
  • Fight to provide to the rights of the disabled.
  • Avoiding social norms and establishing disable friendly environment.
  • To control further disability and developing a positive mind set.
  • To provided vocational training and employment opportunities to the disabled and to create an environment for the disabled to lead a human life and become self-reliant.
  • To conduct programmes to raise awareness for the rights of disabled and provide any help needed.

Functions and Services of Hope Centre Nepal (Asha Apanga Kendra)

  • Physiotherapy service
  • Health checkup, Counseling, and medication facility for disabled.
  • Skill training and livelihood training for the disabled.
  • To provided loan to carry out a livelihood programme without any interest for the disabled.
  • Programme for awareness of disability.
  • Audiogram test and hearing aid fitting.
  • Provide education support to disabled children with poor economic conditions.
  • Provide artificial limbs and special shoes.
  • Distribution of wheelchair, walker, crutches, white cane, and commode chair.
  • To establish wheelchair Friendly environment and toilet for wheelchair user disabled.
  • Short-term security home operation facility.
  • Provide help to support business operations for the disabled.
  • Ambulance Service.

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