Report from Ganga at Kathmandu

Last night Gulmi Jilla Samaj U.K Phadindra sir organized a good bye dinner and that time we went Kamala house and we take in Thamal staying with me. Kamala and Chiran and Roma and me enjoying a lots in Charin Café. Phadindra sir helping is lots and today morning he left kamala house and he went Handicap International together with me and Suresh.

DSC04907Om Thapa sir called me from London and told me request for help for one patient from KTM.  His name is Sita Ram but he is suffering Nero muscular diseases  since 15 years ago and he is very poor and his limbs is not working. So, Our Phadindra sir also meet this patients. His wife was carrying whole 15 years for his daily work so that she was very happy after get new wheelchair from HDC. She is also heart problem so she was so difficulty before without wheel chair and she did not able to buy because of no money. She gave Thanks so much and she was so much crying talking about how hard life before. They do not have house because he is sick they spent huge money for treatment but even not successful.

I talked and requested Handicap manager I manager and we have been long meeting if I send any needy Wheel chair patients HI giving free of cost. Today our Patients got standard Wheel chair that price is Rs 20,000 but he is very lucky because of my meeting he got free of cost.

DSC05092After providing wheelchair we have been in Jorpati by scooter with Suresh and I meet our patient Dinesh he done surgery of bad bed sore but it looks so poor still he have big sore everywhere and urine is everywhere because of no money he did not able to buy Urine bag so I gave him Rs 2000 for changing urine bag and some warm dress. He is studying well in 8 class. I meet also Director of Khagendra New life home there is many sever disable person are staying there it was looking so sad all are they do not have home. They are very poor. 

Phadindra sir, Suresh and me meet our patient small boy Yubraj Kumal he done very big surgery of brain nerve but it was very successful but he is waiting for next surgery for tumour his face. Ashok sir paid him still Rs80,000 for only one surgery through Rotary club but Hope Centre due bill for accommodation and food cost . So I need to send accommodation and food cost for Ashok sir. I meet accountant and Salkram in HRDC and follow up some this year ALTSO cases still in processing of surgery and Hope Centre need to pay Rs 70,000 due amount. 

Nepal TVYesterday Phadindra sir and me invited from Nepali Television for interview because they like our work. They asked me questions also how many donors we have, then I told about all donors. It was very good interview from our Gulmi Jilla Samaj U.K Phandindra sir. He told everything. It was so great Nepal Television is national Television so everybody could see it and listen.

Once again thank you all so much for your efforts because of your efforts Hope Centre able to do good work.

Namaste from Nepal!
Ganga Rayamajhi

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