30 hour camp in remote area – with photos

All going well up here in Nepal as the second floor of the Hope Centre gets its facelift ..with colour and tiles…and furniture…and life..
We just returned after an exciting 30 hour camp in a very remote mountain place…on very tough Mahindra  4 wheel jeep…and very young but capable driver… on a road that could well be the world’s most dangerous… with greasy wet conditions, no edge barriers, deep ruts rain cut, and a full load of staff and patients all brought back tonight to go off for surgery in the morning… as we link up with a regular quality,caring,  plastic surgery team doing its monthly rounds of districts… so what a mixed bunch of 65 patients and disabilities..we saw today in just 6 hours.!.

Many carried by 2-3 porters for 4-6 hours all day… whom we pay the porter costs… there was a   1 hour  lunch and usual welcome ceremony that I tried to get down to 5 minutes…  but not possible in Nepal with speeches and bouganvillae garlands.. so we need tomorrow to compile photos with files…

Photos showing you the busy assessment of patients by Hope team yesterday …… 65 in 6 hours…a lot  in short time…!
 …. particularly when it takes us an hour for each patient when at Hope Centre to get on paper  all background details.. 

The first patient came at 8 am and lost one lower leg and damaged his other in motor cycle accident..  so he is off today ( with 9 others , many are kids are under   ALTSO support,)  to get some surgery to ease his foot so that better shoes can be made to help him walk.. while the other limb needs replacing after several years hard wear on mountain tracks.
He started an egg business a month ago so is happy to have 30 eggs per day at 9 rupees each..  totalling $4 profit per day..so he can feed his family , pay rent and school fees for two kids. So, after he gets back from treatment.. we will plan his expansion of his business.

Rob Buchanan, Nepal

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