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Hope Disability Centre successfully planned and organized the camp at the place name called Kharjyang which is 2 hours away from Tamghas. Our camp would not have been successful without the dedication and contribution from the Village Development Committee secretaries, police personnel’s, teachers and the public at the local place.

Our Field worker Dammar had made all the arrangement needed for the camp. He reached the place 3 days earlier of the camp. The entire VDCs secretaries nearby was informed, pamphlet regarding the information of the camp was all over the place and even the information was in the radio so that disabled of the entire area will not be missed.

We were four staffs at the event and was carried by the HDC Ambulance to the camp site. The way to the place was not dangerous and adventurous compared to the earlier place where we had camp. We received a warm welcome in a freezing cold from the VDC secretary, police personnel, teachers and the public. The place was at the bank of the river were fisherman were all over the river for their business. The camp was all set to go at the local school after the breakfast. This time the venue for the camp was changed to the local school compared to primary health care centre in earlier camps; this was due to the drunken health worker who tried to create a chaos in earlier camp.

Twenty four patients were assessed out of which speech and hearing problems were dominant. Despite of little number of patients it was very surprising to see the whole kids in a family was deaf and has speech disorder. Muscular Dystrophy symptoms too were exhibited by some of the kids in the family. Variety of cases like Macrocephaly (increased head circumference), club feet, speech and hearing disorder, stroke, cerebral palsy, burn contracture and few orthopaedic anomalies were assessed. We have a kid with club feet and his dad at our centre to be sent for the operation at Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre in Banepa which is 25km away from the Kathmandu. We wanted to help all the patients but could only help those who fit into our criteria this reminds of a very famous quote regarding the camp, “camp is the picnic spot for organizers and a nightmare for the patients”.



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