Balithum Health Camp 21 Sept 2013

The 11.5 year old boy with legs crossed was born like this… according to his mother.. as she told us tonight as they are both staying at Hope..  and had no treatment. for past 11 years… poverty… lack of awareness of what services may be available are the main problems in remote parts of Nepal.. so now the mother has confirmed that it was NOT from a fall, he can have physiotherapy starting soon… we had a whole range of disabilities today.. even the older woman with double cataracts … the road we travelled was worse than the world’s worst roads!

The girl with mother is actually 16.. but has dwarfism.. and we asked her to add 2 plus 2 but she answered 10.!
A brother and sister strangely both had the same ear deformity both may be able to get plastic surgery to add some ear lobe.. one can have the canal opening enlarged, as only a pinpoint was visible yet he can hear sound well through it.. The village was on top of a ridge that sloped away 1000s of feet down each side.

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