Visitors at Hope Centre

Om Prakash Thapa (president of Gulmi Jilla UK Samaj) send Mr. Pasupati Bhandari as a representative of their organization, he visited our centre and Pradip guide him and explained about the work of hope and planning of 2nd floor. He also provided NRS. 3,37,411,36/- to one of the fundraise programs in Tamghas for education sector for poor students.

The following persons are in the photo with Ganga, Hope’s manager  :

1. Pradip Rai Pt
2. Mira Thapa  ( ANM) Auxilliary Mid-wife Nurse)
3. Kamala Thapa    (Office helper)
4. Phasupati Bhandrai    (Member of Gulmi Jilla Samaj U.K).
5. Bishnu Prasad Bhandari     (Promoter Excelling Investment Limited )
6. Yubarj Darlami     (Visitor)
7. Suresh Shrestha   ( Hope assistant  accountant)
8. Shekher Patients
9. Ganesh Serpali      ( Board Member)
10. Dammar Giri      (Field worker )


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