Visit to Remuva Village Children’s day

Our team from Gulmi District visited the Remuva Village Children’s Day.
Our Chief District Officer planned this program in which there was distribution of dress to 12 blind children. Journalist Ghanashyam Gautam also went to there.
And the blind sticks, donated by Mr. Sam Buckly to Hope Disability Centre, were handed over to three blind children.

There are 12 blind students in that school where the function was organised. The school has provided room for them but all sleeping, kitchen and teaching class is the same room. I really felt very sad to see such a poor situation.
They are trying to raise funds for making a small building for blind school but still they are not able. They expect some help for our Hope Disability Centre but even our Hope Centre has no funds for this.
Please see photos where handed over three white blind sticks and some other photos.  
Once again thank you so much Sam Buckly  for donating these sticks for these childs. 

Ganga Rayamajhi
Chairwoman Hope Disability Centre

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