Thanks Jenny and Anna from UK

Normaya is 35 years old and has two healthy daughters and her husband has cerebral palsy, she is very poor lady who lives in Bhurtung VDC at least three days travel from Tamghas which is one of the most remote parts of Gulmi District. She earns 2,500 NRS ($29) per month teaching in primary class. Due to lack of health facilities she couldn’t treat her foot at early age.

When she came to Women Development Centre for getting her disability card, I found her as I am also the member of the board for evaluation of disability. I observed her, she was a bright lady, her foot was badly damaged  by the rough road in her village. I could see how painful it was but she was resisting as she smiles. I invited the brave lady to Hope Disability Centre for assessment. 

Hope Physiotherapist Pradip Rai assessed her and mailed Dr. Saju’s assistant Miss Pragya for help to operate her, and she replied as: “Yes, Dar Saju has seen the photographs and profile of the patient.  NOH doctors can operate Normaya Acharya who has clubfoot. She might need multiple surgeries and long hospital stay. The cost of surgery will be approximate. NRS 1,00,000.00. We will let you know about other details when we examine the patient. When you are sending the patient?” 

So I mailed Jennie Dyson and Anna Penrose in the UK, great supporters of Hope Centre Nepal about Normaya and they were happy to help paying for surgery and additional cost. Promptly Jennie donated the fund for Normaya’s Surgery and her travel and accommodation cost.

Thank you so much Jennie and Anna for your kind support.

So finally Normaya left today for her surgery. Best of Luck to Normaya for her bright future.

Namaste from Nepal!
Ganga, manager Hope Centre nepal

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