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at Hope Centre April-June 2014 We started beauty parlour training on March 24, 2014 with 10 disabled girls have been enjoying the training and friendship while staying at Hope Disability Centre. Trainees The benefits for the 10 girls after training will be to increase their independence and confidence in themselves so that they learn how to manage a small business, and generate some income, and gain social inclusion and dignity in the local communities. This is probably the main aim to the process of rehabilitation from this training. The course will be completed on June 24, 2014. For all trainee’ families, lack of awareness of the problems associated with disability, and their own desperate financial situation would have seen them succumb to unwitting loss of the quality of their lives.


Hope Disability Centre is proud to be at the Centre of many lives changed by our interventions. We will unflinching continues to argue, advocate and act, ensure their fundamental human rights are attained.



Beauty parlour trainees

One of the 10 trainees Sarita Bhandari writes about her experience after doing the beauty training .

After taking beautician training for my future life. Doing head and face massage Being a beautician is my favourite interest to learn since my childhood. For making my dream came true thank you very much to HDC. After talking 3 month’s training I will take further training at a local beauty parlour for extra experience. Then only will I start my own Beauty Parlour shop. In fact my house is in Arkhale (a town near Tamghas). Head FaceI have passed my training also as a Community Medical Assistant (CMA) but at my village there are no such kind of medical jobs to be found though it takes 20 minutes to reach Tamghas Hospital .So, I hope I can start a beauty parlour in Arkhale that works well at my own home. In Arkhale, on the occasion of marriage all girls travel to Tamghas to find a beautician. So, with that business there, I want to save their time and money for those girls who are getting married. I want to make my life beautiful by opening beauty parlour In my village area. In our community , being disabled most people think that we cannot do anything. So I want to disprove them by opening my own business. I want to show and encourage others with disabilities to work hard and stand on their own feet. I want to earn name and fame. But without this HDC training nothing would be possible. So I want to thank all the staff and this Centre for caring for us and guiding us on the right track. Namaste Sarita Bhandari

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