Simaltari Camp Overview

Suresh Shrestha

We had great day on last Thursday. We organized the camp in Simaltari, one of the remote place of the Gulmi District, Which is Four hours drive from the Tamghas. Even though it is only 27 Kilometers away from the Hope Centre, due to heavy rain on Wednesday night we were all in dilemma whether we were going to make it or not. Despite, of the morning rain we concluded that we will go for the camp.
Starting with a bumpy road we were on our way to the camp site. In between, the road looked OK as we had our breakfast we were heading toward the camp. Just in the middle we got stuck in the muddy road. we could not make it. Lots of tension raised since our field worker has already collected a number of patients. finally our PT and me decided all the way to camp by foot. we sent back the vehicle, our founder Rob Buchanan and Nurse Mina K.C me and Our PT walked almost two hours crossing almost three swollen rivers due to rain over night. we were quite afraid as we have never crossed the river we had a man who helped us to cross the river.
As it was getting late to reach on the camp we asked for a help on the motorbike after walking about two hours, My friends from the camp site sent us the motorbike without which we could have reached by the evening.
As we reached on the camp side there were number of patients waiting for a checkup. We even asked the policeman for arranging the line for their turn.
Finally we saw over sixty patients by sick o’clock.
We saw about 4 club foot, 5 amputation , over 15 Neurological problem including CP, over 17 multiple Joined Problems (Ortho) and over 15 speech and a hearing problems. we are looking forward to treat them at Hope and do our best to treat2014-09-11 14.52.292014-09-11 14.24.305 their anomalies. This could be referring to the advance hospitals in Kathmandu, those who require surgery, orthotic and prosthesis will be selected and do our best as we can to help them.
We stayed overnight in Simaltari as there were no more buses to Tamghas. On the next day we left Simaltari at 7 am and arrived at hope at 12 PM.
Overall, we had a very successful camp in Simaltari which was widely appreciated by the Community Members, Policeman, Health-post staff and the patients.
Here are some click of our camp overview.

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Simaltari Camp Photos

Simaltari Camp Photos

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