Prosthesis Measurement & Distribution

Prosthesis Measurement & Distribution

On 6th November, 2017 Asha Apanga Kendra (Hope Disability Centre) organized free prosthetic limb measurement and distribution program. A total of 13 patients were benefited by the program. Out of which 2 above knee amputee were provided prosthetic limb and 11 needy amputees were measured for new prosthetic limbs. Out of 11 needy amputee 2 amputee were measured for above knee prosthetic limb 8 amputee were measured for below knee prosthetic limb and one eleven years old young female amputee was measured for below prosthetic limb.

Prosthesis fitting and measurement was carried out by prosthesis Roshan Thapa and managed by Hope’s manager Ganga Rayamajhi and the Hope team.

Thank you donor’s and well wisher.

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