New Life for Jharna Rana

Thank you so much dear Gord & Erin for yours kind support this charpi project

Jharna Rana,18 /F ,Dhurkot -1, Gulmi

Patient lives in rural area of Gulmi, Dhurkot -1, with family. They do agriculture and farming and her father works in a furniture shop.

 She attends online live and currently studying in grade 8.

She was diagnosed as CP (Cerebral Palsy) by birth and due to poor economic condition proper treatment couldn’t be done. As she couldn’t carry out her ADLS independently she had to be helped by her father or mother. This had affected their livehood.

There was no proper toilet as such so we provided her with her with wheelchair and built her disabled friendly environment and toilet.

This has made her and her family’s life easier and they are very thankful and grateful towards the services provided by HDC.


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