New Hope for Dipa’s Family

New Hope for Dipa’s Family

A girl named Dipa Pandey age 12 from Resunga Municipality-7 near by our Centre she is a diplegic CP patients her mother found out about Hope Centre and they visited us. She had gone under physio rehab but not much improvement was achieved and we decided to provide her with UCP Children wheelchair and Commode Chair, Later we visited her place and found out that it was not disable friendly and toilet was in very bad condition for her, than we planned to make disable friendly environment and construct a new toilet, the estimated budget was very high so we requested to Nepal army major if they could help in any ways. They were ready to help us with manpower required for the work. And we asked our donor Gail and Gord as the cost was high but they were happy to help.

Finally with the help of Hastening to help ( Gail & Gord), Canada and Nepal army manpower we were able to make a disable friendly environment for Dipa. Now her family members are very happy because they got new accessible toilet and path.

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