Nepalgunj Hearing Aid Camp 4 Feb 2013

Nepalgunj lies in Terai(Plain) region of Nepal in the Mid Western Development Region.

Inauguration Program of Hearing Aid Camp.

Hope Disability Centre organized the Hearing Aid Camp on 4-2-2013 in Nepalgunj with the collaboration of Lion’s Club.

This camp was held in the remote part of Nepalgunj focusing the people below poverty line.

Hope Team successfully provided Audio Test to 50 people and Hearing Aid to 21 people.

 Nepalgunj Hearing Aid Camp2

Nepalgunj Hearing Aid Camp3

Hope  Team being welcomed  by the Lion’s Club.

Most of the hearing impairment was due to illiteracy as people use oil to clear their ear which get store in side leading to infection.

We provided awareness program regarding the care of ears and early diagnosis to avoid infection and tumour.

As a whole Nepalgunj Camp was very fruitful and success in the hearing impairment rehabilitation.

More Photos of camp here: Nepalgunj Hearing Aid Camp


Written by;
Pradip Rai,
Hope Physiotherapist.

Date: 8-2-2013

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