Narmaya walks nicely now


Jennie and Anna (UK) thank you so much much for Narmaya getting renewed life. Narmaya is so happy and I am also so happy seeing her so nice surgery and correction to her leg.  She looks so normal after surgery. She needs to go for follow up two times to KTM Jorpati Hospital. I am so much proud of her seeing her normal life after surgery. It was all the time painful and bleeding from her cracked  club foot now looking so normal.

Surgery is so expensive when 35 years old but for the rest of her life it will be happiness and easy for her.  Jennie and Anna when you will be coming again to our Centre ? She is so happy and she invited you at her village. Please see the before and after pictures of Normaya. Once again thank you so much for your great effort so that Normaya got new life now she will not get any more infection in her feet.

Ganga, Manager Hope Centre

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