Limbs recycled at Hope Centre

Here are a few photos of limbmaking in Kathmandu. My prosthetician friend has made here in Kathmandu, soon also for 4 other poor amputees, using recycled limb parts from ALC and APC in Sydney!  So keep us any more! We have many others in Tarrai awaiting good comfortable limbs. 

With recycled parts from NZ and Australia these limbs are very low cost to supply at about 7000 rupees each for quality above knee limbs, yet that is still a lot for amputees to afford. So this is a vital support we can offer amputees all over Nepal from Hope Centre Gulmi, sponsoring limbs for the poor.

One man was blown up by Maoist bomb, losing leg and arm and three fingers so he is getting a special limb soon.

Rob, from Kathmandu

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