I am no more Disable… Mr. Diliraj Regmi

Mr. Diliraj Regmi (age 43) is the victim of bomb blast planned by the local revolutionary party.  He is the President of Lion’s Club of Nepalgunj. He is living with his wife, daughter and son in Nepalgunj owing his own business of Tour & Travel.

In 2010 he was buying some goods from the hardware shop and the shop was planted with a bomb as the shop owner has denied giving funds to the local revolutionary party. Unfortunately he stepped on the bomb kept in the counter and it went off resulting his left leg crushed and right leg badly injured.

When he gained consciousness he telephoned his friends to get him to fly to Kathmandu for his treatment as he could see his condition was very critical as the other people around him were talking that he would not survive with such bad injuries. But his determination to live made him to get the seat for flight and finally reached B & B Hospital in Kathmandu.

Mr. Diliraj on his Bike.

He survived but lost his left leg but still he never worried about it and continued his business through telecommunication. People were amazed with his courage and later he got his artificial limb from Roshan Thapa which was later modified by the strong artificial limb provided by MEND.

Now he is fully recovered and can walk, ride bike and climb stair. Within two years of time he got such a rapid improvement because of his courage and dedication.                 

For the first time I met him in Nepalgunj Hearing Aids camp which was organized by Hope Disability Centre on the request of Lion’s Club.

He rode his Motor Bike and came to welcome us and I even couldn’t notice he was fitted with his artificial limb but later knew when he told that MEND has provided him the best quality of artificial foot. When people get disabled suddenly through accident, most of them gets frustrated and suffer from depression.

Therefore, I thought to write about him to show the world about him as an example. He even requested me not keep his disabled photo as he says, “I am no more disable”.

Written by;
Pradip Rai,
Hope Physiotherapist.
Date: 8-2-2013



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