Handmade flower aroma candle NOW ON SALE!

Handmade flower aroma candle NOW ON SALE!

Namaste to everyone! My name is Ayaka Shirai. I was dispatched to Nepal as a JICA  volunteer and have been working at a Government office in Gulmi district since January 2017.  As a part of my volunteer work here in Nepal, I have started helping the Hope Disability Center from July 2017. Today I am very pleased to share with you the news about our new candle project!

The Hope Disability Center had been raising funds through making and selling candles, which are high-demanded for people in Nepal where the electricity is unstable and blackout happens so often. These days, however, the demand for candles has become less and less since generators have become common in Nepali people’s daily lives throughout Nepal. Therefore, in order to increase sales for our fund raising I thought that we need to give an added value to our candles, not only for daily use but also for ornamental purpose, for example Flower aroma candles that are popular in Japan and other foreign countries. In fact, in Pokhara, one of Nepal’s most-visited tourist areas, there are many aroma candles seen in souvenir shops. One the other hand, observing those sourvenir shops, one day I realized that aroma candles with flowers are rarely seen there. Then I came up with an idea that it could attract more customers if we make a new type of candles using Nepali flowers and materials, which are not only used as a daily necessity but also can be enjoyed as entertainment.

First, I tried making the candles by myself and negotiated with some shop owners in Pokhara to sell them at their shops.  Fortunately, one of the shop owners gave us a good response, asking me to bring another 30 candles to his shop.  So I went back to Gulmi and had a meeting with NGO’s staffs telling them that flower candles could be good business. They were very eager to learn how to make it from me and showed good motivation to respond well to the shop owner’s requirement. This resulted in getting NRs 7000 as the NGO’s activity fund. I delivered 30 candles 1 month later and we got 7000NRs payment from this shop. Now we have been advertising our candles through SNS and I am going to visit the shop to see how it will be after a month.

We would be very glad if you support us by purchasing our candles in Pokhara whenever you have a chance to visit there! It also would be great if you could give us some advice in improving the quality of our candles and marketing them.

Thank you for supporting us!

Paraffin wax … candle
Natural Rosemary … scent
Corn husk, Bougainvillaea … decoration
#Low cost
#Easy to get
#That can be easily made and fun

Everest book shop & stationary
Lake side, Pokhara, Nepal
Email: rampr63@yahoo.com

Thank you for translating Akari Yoshida from JICA volunteer.


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