Ganga’s Speech 6 March 2014


How are you? I hope everybody well. Our Hope Centre doing very good because of your efforts because of your help me and our Hope Centre not able to success so that I would like to give you thanks all my respected international , national donors and individual donors.

Yesterday I have been selected and invited Jilla Parisad 2071/72 2014 and 2015 Planning of Various Development Plan of Gulmi and Conformation with attendance of Minister Parkas Man Simha, 7 Parliament member and 2 Secretary.

DDC officer invited for me as a Guest and representative of the Gulmi Disabled people so as to keep the problem and challenges faced by disabled people in front of them to overcome and find solution. There were only 36 people selected for which 3 minutes was given to each for keeping their speech. I was only the one to give the excellent speech in the boundary of 3 minutes and all guest and many peoples gave me thanks and they are so happy when heard. I am also so happy because this speech mostly I thought myself what to say and mostly lessoning village disability and parents them challenges when I went to our HDC Screening camp and our Disability Data . Thanks Rob, Jenny, Arjun Sir, Keshab Sir and Phadindra Sir and our Chairman Janardhan sir for your great suggestion before went to Program. After heard the speech our UML X – Minister or this year winner Leader Gokarna Bista will be visiting next month Hope Centre and he premise me want to help fund HDC and also Congress winner leader Chandra Bhandari too.

Pradip has translated all my Nepali speech in English to which I have typed it down as follows:

Respected Chairman of 7th re public District Conference , the local District officer , Honourable Chief Guest , the Voice Prime Minister of Nepal Government and Local Development Minister, Special Guest, Member of Parliament, all the leaders of Political Parties, Head of Various Department, Journalist and all the other guest present here.

First of all I would like to thank the organization team for this program on behave of all the disable people as being the representative of disabled people for the 7th republic District Conference .

Respected Sir/ Madam , Disabled people needs opportunity not sympathy which will help them to make their life successful and help in the Development of the country but unfortunately in our community, disabled people are still lacking behind due to the narrow concept of Nepali people.

Our organization , Hope Disability Centre , Is working with the motto Self Help not Sympathy with the Co-ordination and collaboration of District Development community , District Health , Resunga Hospital, Women and Children office, International Donors, Non-residential Nepali People and Various other organization to provide free disability health check-up, treatment ,surgery, Counselling, Artificial Limbs, Blind stick, Crutches and interest free Micro Loan to uplift their living standard and rehabilitation and also provides sponsors Gulmi Jilla Samaj U.K Ambulance Service for the both disabled and able people.

I would also like to inform that I am working as the Board Member with Collaboration with Women Development office in the Distribution of Identity Card. But there is some misunderstanding the disability ID card and therefore would like to request to make a Clear Law in Distributing of the ID card. And also provide some facility and benefit to the group of disability with minor disability.

In other side , I would like to mention that it needs more Budget in the rehabilitation of disabled people, for example , my above Knee limb’s joint cost 90,000 but and including both Prosthesis cost Rs 150,000 more than if we were good quality but Nepal Government exploit the disabled people providing least also discrimination budget of Rs 240,000 budget have to be distributed to Physical disability, Intellectual Disability and vision impairment . Now all of you tell, is there any compensation or support from Government sector as only in Gulmi District there are 4576 population of disabled people with 90% of them out of education . Therefore there is lack of health of check up and awareness in the Public.

From the Gulmi District disabled people and their family, we have a complaint to the member of Parliament, that we disabled and family provided more than 5000/ vote to you and after being victory we are not provided any support for the progress and developmental program of the disabled people.
And even in the disability program the participation of political leaders are very less or not at all.

At last, to all the participants , I would kindly request to provide opportunity to disabled people instead of Sympathy. Your small support will also help to change the life of disabled people. For this work, our Hope Disability will also collaborate and more forward. And at last but not the least, I would like to request the Government of Nepal to provide the proper Budget for the disability Sector.

“Thank you very much.”

Namaste from Nepal!

Ganga Rayamajhi

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