Digaam Camp Overview

Digaam Camp Overview

The most successful camp ever was organized by HDC on 23/03/2025 in the place name called Digaam. The presence of Chief District Officer (Chandra Prasad Gaire), Local Development Officer (Dila Ram Panthi), Army commander, DSP of armed police force and crime investigation and secretary of women Development committee made the camp different compared to the earlier camps. This camp meant so much for HDC and whole of the Gulmi District due to the close monitoring by the prominent leaders who runs the district.

As to the earlier camps our field worker Dammar Giri reached the site just one day prior to the event. However, the information regarding the camp was all placed on the local media and the pamphlets regarding the camp was almost everywhere in the village.

The formal programme kicked off with the speech from the village secretary followed by the chief guest (chief District Officer), special guest (local Development Officer), secretary of Women Development and the journalists. The programme was hosted by the chairwomen of the HDC Ganga Rayamajhi. The formal programme ended with lots of interesting speech from the Guests in which they promised to work betterment in the field of disability.

A total of 47 patients were assessed with equal number of orthopaedic disorder, paediatric disorder, neurological disorder, geriatrics, hearing disorder and the speech disorder. About seven of them were in need of surgical consultation, five were in need of loan scheme, and two pair of crutches was given to the needful whereas one hearing aid was given. The whole of the crowd got attention when our chairwomen Ganga Rayamajhi showed interest to support a talented young boy in education. A disability committee was formed in the district where disabled of the village can share their opinion in it.

Overall, the camp ended with great success with lots of promises by the prominent leaders and similarly we were able to help the most of them.

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