Deaf boy gets Hearing Aid

Manish is 10 years old has not heard any sound since birth and his parents never had him checked by anyone. So he is not able to speak.

His father also is deaf though his mother can hear. All their children are disabled and are very poor. We visited their district called Pritighat a week ago when we held an assessment camp, and saw his home. We told them if you would like to start goat farming or any business we will sponsor that with a loan from Gulmi Jilla Samaj U.K fund, so and they came today.

When they came I checked Manish’s ear for wax or infection, and when that was confirmed to be clear, I fitted a hearing aid from the GKSUK fund and now he is hearing perfectly.

His father danced after that so happily even though he was not able to listen to music himself.
We are also happy.

At the same time we fitted another 10 year old Dilli with new glasses as he has very poor eyesight.


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