Yet, another successful camp with different concept was successfully planned & organized at Dibrung by HDC in collaboration with women & Development Office Tamghas.

The idea of distributing Disability identification card & assessing patients at the same time was put forward by HDC chairwomen Ganga Rayamajhi

Women Development Office took the idea in positive way and signaled a go on to HDC.

HDC field worker had all the necessary arrangements made for the camp with the public and political leaders.

The location of the camp, almost the end of gulmi made HDC & WDO team to travel over 4 hrs one way to Dibrung.

WDO officer, Government Hospital Doctor and a supporting staffs were there to distribute disability identification card.

HDC assessed patients that fitted in our criteria. A total of 25 patients were benefited throughout the day. (13 were given Disability Identification Card)

At the end of the day we all felt the new concept of assessing & distributing identification card to disabled was successful in a way, economically backward disabled do not have to travel a very long distance to Tamghas for Disability Identification Card which financially benefited them.

HDC hope to organize another camp at rural place of gulmi with another new concept.

Thank You.

Umesh Adhikari

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