Camp Darling VDC – 17 Feb 2013

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Today we had all roads and offices closed (banda) by Maoist people. We had finished a very nice camp last Friday and Saturday and we came back on Sunday. Pradip and I checked 52 patients. We received from China on Thursday the 4 hearing aids that you sent and they are very good hearing aids. I fit 2 new hearing aids AST (Inspiring Sound Series Rs 13A) for free at Darling VDC where people were living so poor and it is a very cold place.

One boy at birth there had lost hearing power and he is studying in class 3 and he is the top boy of school but he had big problem for listening when teacher was teaching him. He was learning only writing when the teacher writes on the black board. But he came our Hope Centre last year for audio check and I checked him and we do not have such a good hearing aids which works for severe/ profound hearing loss so that this time we take new hearing aids at Darling VDC .

Another is 65 old man who is also not hearing since birth and he is using old, very bad hearing aids which are not working for him because his son bought from India . When I fitted him with our new our hearing aid then he heard so clear so that he was so surprised and so happy after 65 years getting new life for him and he wanted to pay Rs 6000 after selling an ox. Pradip and I thought he is so poor and so many children living in one house and he do not have land and that ox he is grazing on other peoples’ land and he makes money from ploughing the field to look after his family. I felt so sad that he had to sell his ox to pay Hope Centre for his hearing aid’s cost causing him to have to work one year to make that money for buying new ox. So that we gave to him it free.


Hope Centre gave 26 hearing aids in Nepalgung free so that I thought because of their very poor situation we can do the same for these 2 people. This time he came and he is able to llisten to everything . He is very happy to listen to sound for the first time since when he was born..

One hearing aid Pradip fitted one boy who also is so poor and he is not able to afford the cost so our Hope Centre decided paid cost from Gulmi Jilla Samaj U.K fund. That boy was studying school and never heard anything before we fitted his hearing aids. Because of no hearing so he is not able to go to school and he is now planning to going to school . Dhaling VDC has so many poor people there and very severe cases too..

One girl she is 7 years old she is suffering from both ears “fistula of salivary gland”. She has very bad infection and I thought may be Dr Laxam can do very best treatment so we take our jeep and Dr Laxman from Resunga Hospital checked her and he gave her antibiotics for controlling infection .

Dr.Laxman said she need surgery but is it very expensive to do surgery but he is going to talk with has Doctor friends in KTM and some international donors to get sponsor for free surgery then. One girl also she had accident and she lost 4 teeth in front when she was 6 years old. And she is now 15 years old and now so many boys came for arranged marriage with her but because she has of no teeth, no boys wanted to marry her… and she and her mum is so sad .

She came to check with us and I think we should help for make new teeth so we made them at Rana Dentals at cost Rs 3200 ($40NZ) and travel rs 2000 ($30). She looks so great and beautiful with new teeth. Once again thank you so much MEND.

Ganga, manager Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi, Nepal

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