Bee wax candles produced by Asha Apanga Kendra on sale at Pokhara now

Bee wax candles produced by Asha Apanga Kendra on sale at Pokhara now

Asha Apanga Kendra has started making and marketing bee wax candle made out of pure wax collected from bee hives. The bee hives are bought from the beekeepers from villages of Gulmi District.

The idea of making and marketing bee wax candle was proposed by a JICA volunteer Ayaka Shirai for income source of Asha Apanga Kendra. Ayaka herself learned the process of extracting wax from hives and making candle from her friends and taught the process to staffs of Asha Apanga Kendra: Dammar, Hima, Kaushila, Mina and Suresh. Their collective effort resulted in production of 60 boxes of candle.

The candles were on display and for sale in Farmers Market, Pokhara for few days. Asha Apanga Kendra’s staff Suresh Shrestha and Ayaka Shirai herself briefed about the benefit of bee wax and its candles to the visitors and were able to sell few candles. Remaining candles were brought into market through the outlets of Women Skill Development Organization (WSDO), Pokhara. The founder of WSDO, madam Ram Kali Khadka and marketing officer Mr. Anup Khadka were very reluctant and supportive to help Asha Apanga Kendra for marketing the candles after hearing about production of bee wax candles and its benefits. They also assured that their organization would make an order for more candles if the demand of bee wax candles progresses in the market. We are excited by their encouraging and supporting words.

We are hopeful that bee wax candle made by Asha Apanga Kendra would make a good market and add up to income source of the Organization.

You can also by bee wax candles at:

Woven stores in Pokhara, Hallan Chouk, Lake Side

Contact: 061-466247

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