Another reward for Ganga and Hope Centre

Dear All Respected Donors
      Thank you so much for your effort which has made our Hope Centre become very successful. I received an award of Rs 11,111 with certificate and shawl from Rayamajhi community and Minister of the Top Bdr Rayamajhi.
    I gave the background of Hope Centre,  how it started and how we have so many international organisational and personal donors helping, and also that our Government shows little care for poor and remote disabled people. .He also wants to come to visit our Centre and he is so surprised hearing my speech about Hope Centre. He wanted to help also and he gave a lots of thanks to our donors too.
   I expressed the views about need for  help from our Government because disabled people also have human rights against violence …and that we are human.
    I also met with our Ex-Prime Minister Jhalnath Khanal  who told me that if I have any problem come to KTM and I will help you, or anyway you can come any time.  He is also such a nice person even Ex Prime Minister!
     I am so proud and feeling so lucky meeting such a very great person. I hope Our Hope Centre becomes more powerful in future. Please see the attached  photos.
     Once again thank you. Because of your effort, I am so famous and received  such a great award.
Ganga, manager Hope Centre

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