A New Life to SUMAN

A New Life to SUMAN

Suman Kumal age 23, resident of Neta-7, Gargare, Gulmi fell off the tree during second major Earthquake on Baisakh 29, last year.

There are 9 members in his family while no one has a job except farming. Suman went unconscious and was taken to the Manipal Hospital, Pokhara for treatment. He was in ICU for 3 days. When he recovered from coma he came to know he fractured his lower spine and has to go under surgery. Hospital did it for free where 3 rods were kept to fix the fractured spine. However, the surgery was not successful.

As the day passed by Suman started to feel pain on his back, as much as 3-4 pain killers did not relieve his pain . The rods were slowly piercing the skin on the back. He couldn’t stand and walk properly and went on the lie on the bed for several months.

Suman father had no choice except to beg for a few rupees. They couldn’t go back to the Hospital where he was operated as they asked 3 hundred thousand rupees for next treatment.

Suman and his father presented themselves on HDC for treatment. After proper physical Therapy assessment, we concluded it was hard for Suman without next surgery which needs to straighten the rod so it won’t pierce the skin on the back. As HDC has no such huge fund to support a single patient for surgery. HDC Manager Ganga Rayamajhi however decided we will do our best to help surgery.

HDC Manager called CDO Pradip Raj Kanel of the district to provide as the Ambulance drivers for few days. Where we could take Suman to Manipal, Pokhara again.As we took him th the Manipal Hospital. We were asked to be in emergency room. After such a tiring journey to the Hospital, it went more hectic as no one responded to Suman as many of the  Dr’s knew he is a poor guy so hospital could not take benefit from his as he cannot afford the next surgery.

Surgeon who operated Suman’s fractured lower back showed up. Dr. Then asked to deposit Rs.100000 for the treatment or else to take him back. We requested him to make it as much as less so HDC would pay the cost.

We then left Rs 60,000 rupees to Suman’s father for food and the operation cost would be sent to the hospital as soon we returned to HDC Hospital stuffs were solved but HDC Manager Ganga Rayamajhi tensed as HDC has no fund to pay to Hospital cost. She then made Phone calls to LDO Dillaram Panthi as many as others, who could help us to pay cost.

Due to decreased in Hameoglobin count which was 5, Dr. gave 3 liters of blood.

HDC manager’s hard work ultimately worked as we collected fund from different donors across the world as well as DDC. A total of Rs 150000 was paid for all cost including accommodation and travel and treatment for his during treatment. Thank you so much ALTSO fund US, MEND NZ Rob Buchanana, Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK Chairman Ram Galami, and Meg Peterson from Bundeena community, CDO Pradip Raj Kanel and DDC officer LDO Dillaram Panthi.

After a month stay in Manipal Hospital Suman now is in HDC for Physiotherapy and   he wants to learn new skills for his living. Suman now has 6 rods to stabilize the fracture lower back. He walks better now and does all Activity of Daily Living independently. He even assists others members of HDC in performing various tasks like cutting vegetables and using vacuum cleaner.

Life is hard in poor country like our’s where Government doesn’t pay a penny for the treatment one is left to die he/she in need of proper health care. Fancy Hospitals are just for the rich people where they don’t have to queue up, the doctor’s come in minute and health care is superior compared to the poor ones who is in need of emergency services. This is what we learned from the Manipal Hospital


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