Hope Disability Centre brings back hope to Buddha’s life

Hope Disability Centre brings back hope to Buddha’s life

Buddha Pandey, a 22-year boy with spinal cord injury (L2 Paraplegic) was found bed ridden at his home in Musikot municipality-3, Gulmi by a JICA volunteer Ayaka Sirahi who then brought him and his family in contact with a staff of Hope Disability Centre, Mr. Suresh Shrestha. Buddha was in a poor condition. His mobility was just confined to bed and had developed pressure sores on his lower back and lateral side of his both hip. He seemed very malnourished, lean and pale in colour.

Few days later a team of Hope Disability Centre led by the Centre’s manger Miss. Ganga Rayamajhi visited Buddha’s home and convinced his family to bring him to Hope Disability Centre for better treatment and rehabilitation. Buddha was directly taken to Gulmi District Hospital, Tamghas in Hope Disability Centre’s ambulance for health screening and treatment of pressure sores. His pressure sores were debrided and dressed at the hospital and was advised to clean and dress the wound regularly. He was brought to Hope Disability Centre the same day. At the centre his wounds were cleaned and dressed regularly and was also provided at least half an hour of physiotherapy session daily for few days. His bed sores were getting better day by day but he used to get tired too soon during physiotherapy session. Later when he was taken to hospital for follow up his blood report showed significantly reduced hemoglobin level. Doctors referred him to higher centre for further treatment. He was then sent to Misson Hospital, Palpa from Hope Disability Centre with the financial support of the centre itself where he had blood transfusion and hospital stay of 3 days for observation. Three days later he was discharged for home and was advised to be fed with nutritious food.

Few months later he recovered well and was back to Hope Disability Centre along with his father for physiotherapy rehabilitation. He underwent physical therapy sessions of 2 hours each day along with good nutritional care at the centre. With a month of regular physiotherapy sessions, he regained good amount of muscle strength at preserved neurological level and learned to walk on walker with knee and ankle-foot orthosis on. This independent mobility with the help of walker has facilitated independence in self-care and toileting.

Hope Disability Centre also provided him a standard wheelchair, walker, knee brace, a pair of shoes and portable toilet seat to make his mobility and daily living easy at home. Later Hope Disability Centre also supported his family financially for construction of wheelchair accessible toilet and home environment bearing 50% of total expenses of construction. These modifications at his home has really made his life easier, much independent and reduced burden of care to his family members.

His family has a plan to run a small general store near by his home for Buddha so that he can remain engaged to some work throughout days and also earn for himself and the family.

Recently Buddha was diagnosed with pulmonary Tb. He is under medication and has been recovering very well.

Hope Disability Centre wishes him a speedy recovery and promises to stand by him on his way to well-being.


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