0.5 kg bladder stone removed from patient

Today, the Lion Club, Gulmi is running a free surgery camp in the Resunga Hospital. The hernia and stones patients are getting free treatment in the camp. A disable man of aged 41 also got check up in the camp and the doctor noticed a stone of half kg through X-ray. The man had surgical operation and a stone of more than half kg has been removed from urinary bladder. Even the doctors were surprised to see the such a big stone and it could be the first record in the medical sector in Nepal.


The man has been taking painkiller for last 4 years as he badly felt pain in the stomach. He does not have anybody in his home and his both legs were small. Both legs stopped to work when he was badly injured by the blast of a pressure cooker while he was cooking a food in India at the age of 12.

He had to crawl to move from one place to another and even can not use wheel chair and living with a relative in the village. Because of his poverty, he could not have medical treatment to remove the stones. He heard the news of free medical treatment from Resunga FM and came to the camp. He is saying now that he was just waiting for his death. He has thanked a lot to the Lion Club and Resunga Hospital and has realized that he can live happily for many years without any pains.

Namaste from Nepal!

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