Sita walks well and looks good !

We had nice visit yesterday from a young patient Sita Pariyar who had lived a hard difficult life with double club feet for 25 years but now see her photos!!

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Both her feet were facing BACKWARDS before correction and because her family had no funds could not afford the surgery costs, but thanks to ALTSO for rehab funds and  some from the Cornwall UK contingent and after 1 year of surgical treatment and pins and infection care and also thanks to ABILIS for her electric sewing machine, as she can sew well…. she is now blossoming…
Now to help her walk better, we noticed when she arrived with the small handmade leather shoes which gave no ankle support, so we fitted her with quality UK made MOON BOOTS that MAANZ gave us and they now make her walk so nicely !  Thanks MAANZ!
Her old shoes were then given to another young girl who needed them who arrived a few hours later.

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Hope Centre Nepal

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