Self-Reliant Group

Self-Reliant Group

Arjun and his group hail basically from Palpa district. The group members are all differently able people including visually and physically challenged people.

The group is involved in making handicrafts, incense sticks and hand-made liquid soaps. They sell it travelling various places of Palpa and neighboring districts in festival gatherings and local fairs to earn money for their living. They also help other needy people with the money they make.

The group is also fond of music. They love singing, playing music and dancing. They also perform in street shows to raise funds. They make people amazed with their performance.

Though all the group members are visually and physically challenged their unity and love for each other makes them self-reliant for mobility and living. The group members are looking forward to get registered as a small organization so that their activities gets more organized and many more needy differently able people gets benefited.

Hope Disability Centre provided a wheelchair two white sticks and slate and stylus to the group members so that their mobility becomes easy and they can carry their activities with ease. Hope disability Centre has plan to include them in free skill development training programs (handicraft making) in future so that they become more enabled and more and more differently abled people gets benefited.

They were very happy with the mobility aids our Centre provided and expressed their gratitude by performing for us.

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